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2.1.1. Downloading Salix

The latest Salix releases are freely and easily available as ISO image files from the Salix download page, via direct download link or torrent file.

Please use the torrents...

if it is convenient for you to do so and please seed if you can. These torrents are hosted by Salix's torrent server, made possible by generous donations from users.

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc. It can be easily burned to an optical disc by using media authoring or disc burning software. The resulting disc should contain the contents of the .iso file, but not the .iso file itself; if it does, you have made a mistake in the process. These days, it might be more usual to write the .iso file to a USB stick, using a tool like dd, or any image writing software.

Checking download integrity

It is recommended if possible, to verify the integrity of your downloaded file by comparing its md5sum file with the original one uploaded besides the corresponding ISO image file by Salix. This ensures that your downloaded image file matches exactly with the one provided on the Salix website and minimises the possibility of installation errors later on.