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3.2.1. slapt-get

slapt-get is a command line tool for Slackware package management. It allows one to search Slackware/Salix mirrors for packages, compare them with installed packages, install new packages, or upgrade all installed packages. To use the application, open a Terminal window and first issue the command

  sudo slapt-get -u

in order to update the package database on your computer. Then

  slapt-get -l

to list all the available packages,

  slapt-get --search [package name]

to search for a package, and

  sudo slapt-get -i [package name]

to install a package. For more command line instructions, please refer to

  slapt-get --help

Here is a little exercise for you. Try installing w3m which is a terminal based web browser, by using slapt-get.