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3.2.1. Salix Package Installer

spi is a command line tool that combines some basic functions of slapt-get and slapt-src. It installs from the Salix repositories if the package is available there, if not, it looks in SBo and repeats the process recursively for any dependencies. This means all packages are automatically installed from the repositories if they are available there, even if it is a dependency of a package that is not. For a summary of usage, see

spi --help

Note that the default action (if spi is called without specifying e.g. -i) is to search for packages, reporting whether they are installed or where they are available. sudo spi -u will update package data for both slapt-get and slapt-src, and sudo spi -U installs any upgrades available. sudo spi -i packagename installs a specific package and its dependencies, always preferring packages in the repositories. spi --simulate -i packagename simulates installation, and spi --show gives detailed information about a particular package.

Superuser privileges

Superuser privileges are required for actual installation and updating of packages but not actions that just provide information.

While spi brings basic package management together in one all-purpose tool, slapt-get and slapt-src provide a number of other powerful features.