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3.2.5. Making a Package from a Source File with SLKBUILD

Installing software from a source file is in most cases not difficult. You can compile a lot of software generally with the following commands.

Make sure to read accompanying files such as "README", "INSTALL" and so on for installation instructions before compiling. These files may list dependency packages which you need to install prior to the configuration.

  ./configure --help


  ./configure --help=short output

should also help you with some configuration options.

Although you should manage to install the software after the final command, it is essentially untracked, and neither Gslapt nor slapt-get can see that the software is installed. A better way is to create a Salix package using SLKBUILD, which is a build script you can prepare before issuing

  fakeroot slkbuild -X

to create a Salix compatible package which can then be installed with spkg (the fakeroot package should also be installed). For more on SLKBUILD, please consult SLKBUILD and New to Packaging.