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4.2.4. Window management

Let's now see how Ratpoison deals with several open windows. C-t w generates a list showing all of them. Notice that each one is associated with a number: C-t followed by the number changes to that one. C-t C-t returns to the previous window. This is very useful indeed for switching rapidly back and forth between two apps - for instance, an editor and a browser - and is an example of how Ratpoison shines ergonomically. C-t k closes the current window, and C-t shift-k kills the current application. To see a list of commands, type C-t ? for further detail, see also

man ratpoison

and the online manual, which we opened above with Vimprobable2 .

To work with two or more windows together, Ratpoison allows the user to tile windows. C-t s splits the screen with the current window above whichever window was last open; C-t S splits them horizontally. These steps can be repeated to split the focused window further. C-t TAB (or C-t and an arrow key) moves the focus around, and C-t C-[arrow] swaps the tiled windows over. C-t Q undoes the splitting and allows the currently focused window to fill the screen. In practice, it's rarely useful to have more than one or two windows visible: