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About this manual

The purpose of this manual is to enable you to take full advantage of the many features of Salix. The latest version of this document is available from our website.

The Salix start up guide is released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Your contribution is important!

We would like to improve the quality of the manual and to provide more documents translated in your mother tongue. Your help is always welcome.

For any comments and submission of articles to be included in the start-up guide, please contact us through the Salix mailing list.


My sincere thanks to all the people who have contributed to and worked on this start-up guide, especially mimosa, who did a lot of work rewriting big parts of this guide and helped cleaning it up.

Many thanks also to tsuren, jrd, akuna, and maximus for all their hard work in the previous versions of this guide.

The section on partitioning with cfdisk is adapted from the guide for Absolute Linux, with thanks to Paul Sherman.